Hi, I'm Jered, a Front End Web Developer living in Austin, TX, currently adding beautiful UI's and features to the robust Spacecraft CMS platform. I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelors of Science from the School of Visual Communication, where I majored in Interactive Multimedia. I enjoy designing and developing websites and web apps. Taking in client feedback, researching new tools, working out the little puzzles coding provides. Above all, I like to create fun, easily understandable experiences for users.

Outside of work, I have a passion for all things winter, first and foremost, snowboarding. Since living in Austin, however, I've also developed a taste for sunshine. I love tubing on the river, attending music festivals, disc golf, and relaxing at one of the many craft breweries Austin has to offer.


My development workflow is as follows: I use Sublime Text 3 for my text editor (I love Sublime Text because of its easily downloadable packages, such as Emmet). I use Photoshop and some useful plugins, such as PNG Hat, to slice out images. I use CodeKit 2 to manage my projects, compile my Sass and Compass, and preview the project, with LiveReload. Once I code everything locally, I use Transmit as my FTP client to upload everything to the server.