Festival Hopper

Screenshot of a Beer List in Festival Hopper

Note: A work in progress. The UI still needs a lot of styling love :) Festival Hopper is my current pet project, a web app powered by React and the Untappd API. My friends and I, preferring to enjoy assortments of many different beers at festivals and breweries, wanted a way to quickly find and batch check-in multiple beers at the same time. However, this functionality did not exist in our favorite beer tracker UNTAPPD. Untappd does, however, have an API, so I decided to use it to create an app that allows just that, listing curated beer lists that can be checked in all at once.


The React community is quite amazing and has created many great tools and utilities. For this project I used Create React App to quickly automate the build of the app. It includes useful utilities for spooling up a dev environment that automatically transpiles, bundles, and error checks your code (as well as includes source maps so you can find your bugs easily). It includes Babel for transpiling ES6 code, and uses webpack to bundle your modules. Then, when ready, an easy build script makes a dist folder for production. Basically, its an incredible tool to quickly and effectively build apps.