PBS Internship

Graphics and projects Jered worked on at PBS

A few years back I had the opportunity to intern for PBS Kids in Washington DC. The internship was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. I had loads of fun and learned a great deal. My responsibilities included the design of game graphics, promotional graphics for kids programs, play testing games, and development of web pages. My largest project was developing a new PBS Kids GO! Games page. The current page was just a big long list of games, and the team wanted to improve the experience for the kids. I researched popular game pages throughout the internet, pitched my ideas for layout and functionality, and started developing after receiving a mockup that the lead designer created. Edit: Since my time at PBS, they have gone through a redesign, making everything responsive and absorbing the PBS Kids GO! brand back into the PBS Kids brand. To view the current redesign, visit the link below:


I established a long lasting love of sketching from PBS. Bigger paper meant bigger ideas, and I was often surrounded by huge pieces of paper with doodles and notes. When I needed to create a web page, or design a graphic, I would start on paper, move to digital wireframes, then mockups, get approval/feedback from my supervisors, and then create the final product.

Pbs Kids Graphics 1st picture of sketches from notebook 2nd picture of sketches from notebook 3rd picture of sketches from notebook 4th picture of sketches from notebook