Planetware Concept

Planetware is a travel website that users can use to research and plan vacations. After using the website, I thought that through the practical application of UX practices, I could improve the site, and make it more logical and effective. So I set out to make a conceptual redesign. At the time I worked on this exercise, the site was in dire need of a redesign. Since then, they have updated the site, adding in features similar to the ones I brainstormed (i.e. the interactive map in the hero section and the simplified top nav).


I began this exercise by research a plethora of travel sites, seeing what worked and what didn't, and creating a competitive analysis. From there I created site maps and userflows, then wireframes, and finished with a complete mockup.

1st picture of UI sketches for planetware 2nd picture of UI sketches for planetware site map for planetware wireframes for planetware