The Spacecraft Design Panel where users edit design settings

Spacecraft is a robust CMS that helps small to medium sized businesses easily create a maintain their websites. Throw a rock anywhere in downtown Austin, and it'll hit a business that has chosen this service. The team is small, so my responsibilities are wide-ranging in terms of Front End Development. My main duty is to add to and refine the web app's UI. I've taken part in spec-ing out and implementing new features, renovating the mobile navigation system (updating it with new options and adding lots of animations), creating a system for unit testing client side controls using Mocha, Chai, and Karma, etc. I'm also the point-of-contact for spec-ing out custom features for clients, where I work closely with designers to quote and create something the client has requested.


The beginning of any project usually starts with a conversation between either the CEO or CTO and myself. Occasionally it will involve investigating something they'd like added to the platform. More often it is a UI addition they'd like to make to the platform. From there I'll work in a local dev environment, hammer away at the UI, commit it to a staging evironment, and submit it for review. Then the process more or less repeats until you've got a new slick looking UI element.